Exfoliate - Better than your Spa Pedicure!

My favorite thing to do.

Getting a pedicure.

Do you want a mani-pedi? No, just a pedi.

My fingernails are tragic. They split, crack, bend backwards and will not hold a polish. I gave up long ago. My toenails are a different story. I love getting a pedicure because my toenails rock. Hardly anyone sees them, but the fact that they hold polish and look pretty for at least 2 weeks make me happy.

Getting a pedicure is my indulgence. Only I do not do it often enough. There are too many excuses. Being too busy is #1. Really? We need to take time to for ourselves. Whether it be exercise, spiritual meditation, reading, or a really good pampering. I wish I pampered myself more.

Do you want callus removal? Just once I want to hear them say: “Oh your feet are so soft, what do you do?”

Well, I work on my feet. I mean literally on my feet. I am barefoot. I was born barefoot. I run, walk, torture these feet. They ache. They have high arches. They are asked to be pretty in high heal shoes. If I like my toenails, well I do not necessarily like my feet. They are not feminine. They are athletic. They are awesome, but not pretty.

I overcompensate. If my feet are not pretty well they are going to be soft. The next time I get a pedicure and they ask me, “Do you want callus removal” my response will be: “Do you think I need it?”

This is a true story. The last time I went for my pedicure, her answer was: No. Your feet are very soft.





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