Face Cream



Face Cream. NMF. Natural Moisturizing Factor

NMF: Natural Moisturizing Factor = Our skin’s very own endogenous lotion. There is nothing better on this planet and you can’t patent it.

I am a soap maker and have been advised by many in the business world to stick to what I do best. Well, I like to break rules. I just attended a conference where the best scientists in the cosmetic industry came together to share their research. My takeaway? Nobody really understands skin, but their dedication and research budget has me admiring this industry. Bottom line is everyone's goal but the science behind their formulations was awe inspiring and intimidating at the same time. Who am I compared to these giants? I am a small-time formulator in search of something that can keep my skin clear, glowing, moisturized, and something that will minimize the effects of environmental stressors because pollution, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep (lifestyle) all have a major impact on skin integrity.

What can we do?

Eat a healthy diet. Exercise. Sleep. De-stress. And when you can't do all that then use a skin care regimen that will help keep it all balanced.

I research like a mad woman. My priorities are called into question. I can't answer the question, What is your why? Maybe my why is vanity. Or, outsmarting the environment. But whatever my why is, here is my what:

What if I can formulate a face cream that mimics our skin’s natural moisturizing factor? Would it be moisturizing, protective, restorative?  If a face cream contains the same type of fatty acids, the same type of cholesterol and ceramides, and same amino acids as our NMF would that make a difference?

Research says yes.

And, what about the Endocannabinoid System?

We have millions of receptors throughout our body that are sensitive and receptive to cannabinoids. They act as homeostatic agents found in skin cells, hair follicles, nerves endings, muscles, bones, organs, brain.

Research is very promising. Research is showing that cannabinoids will enhance the appearance of skin tone, moisturization, clarity, and texture.  The cosmetic industry is ready to pounce on Cannabinoids, but they are waiting to hear from the FDA and FTC.

It is very possible that Cannabinoids will becomes the domain of pharmacopeia because only pharmacy can distribute a product that has a feature that will function. Until this is the domain of medicine as it probably should be, I offer my version of a face cream that mimics our NMF and contains cannabinoids to make your skin happy. It makes my problematic skin happy. That, I want to share with you. Part of my Why.