Restorative Face Cream



Pure Deliciousness. Go ahead and use it on your hands as well.

Not all oils are the same. In fact, every oil has a different fatty acid profile.

Which are best for protecting skin and restoring skin barrier?

Research says oils high in linoleic acid and long-chain fatty acids are best.


Sachi Inchi Oil: High in Vitamin E and Polyphenols. Improves skin dryness and moisture retention.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Rich oil that holds in moisture. Softens dry skin and has staying power. Non-greasy.

Daikon Seed Extract: Light and penetrating, nourishes dry skin without leaving an oily feel with a fatty acid profile that closely resembles that of our skin. 

Golden Jojoba: A liquid wax, not an oil. It has fabulous anti-inflammatory properties and is great for skin aging and healing.

Shea Butter: Super emollient with lasting moisturization. Strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. Reported to protect collagen and elastin from breaking down.

Cocoa Butter: Rich in phytochemicals. Nourishing, hydrating and forms a protective barrier keeping moisture locked in.

Olive Squalane: Human skin contains 13% squalane. As we age this percentage drops. Olive squalane closely resembles our natural squalane both in molecular weight and structure. Lack of squalane contributes to signs of aging. Anti-wrinkle.

Honeyquat: Humectant that is twice as powerful as glycerin. Moisturizing with long term activity. Softens skin.

Aloe Vera: A folk remedy for wound healing with medical research to support its therapeutic value. Anti-inflammatory.

Silk: Contains 18 amino acids and trace elements essential to the skin. Promotes wound healing. Excellent for moisture retention, repair, and regeneration of the skin.

Approx 2 ounces - 52 grams