Buzzing Bee Skep



How would we ever be able to bring you our beautiful floral candles, if not for our friend, the bee! Now those hard worker's home is being offered to all you beeswax enthusiasts! As you can see from the accompanying photo, this candle burns beautifully, slowly, and fully, all the way down to a disc. 

Hippy Sister has blended our candles using only the finest All Natural Beeswax, for a superior burn. We offer this long-burning candle in only its natural beeswax scent. Once lit, it glows like the sun. 

With proper burning practices, this candle will burn 24+ hours. All candles should be placed on an appropriate surface and never left unattended. 

Buzzing Bee Skep Candle:  8.45 oz  - 2.75" dia base x 3.5" high