Skull and Wild Roses Candle



This All-Natural Beeswax candle is simply magnificent! The exquisite vine and rose details have been accentuated with mica accents to make it even more exceptional. It is also a very large candle and should most certainly be the focal point of your Halloween display! The roses on this skull include a hint of red mica for full scare appeal!  

Approximate size: 5" x 4.5" x 3.5" / Weight: 24oz                                                         

Important Note: Skulls are currently on a 14-21 day wait. 

The color in our skulls will transfer, so be sure to sit your candle on a non-porous plate for display/burning. Candle wax may run down sides of skull while burning. This candle should not be left unattended while burning and must be placed on a proper surface for safe burning. We are not responsible for damage to surfaces, so be careful where you burn your candles!